About Famille Debout

Famille Debout (eng. Family Stand Up!) is a non-government organization which promotes education and cultural development of African families by helping them lead a decent life. We help families stand on their feet by providing them elementary education and a hope for a better future.

Our organization operates on three continents, with its main headquarters in Belgium. Since July 2012, Famille Debout has been awarded with a consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council and has been actively participating in the United Nations conferences and debates.

Currently, we are supporting the operation of a nursery and primary school of Lusanga, attended by roughly 125 children and located 50 km from the city of Kikwit, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our mission lies in helping Belgian and Congolese families to stand up with dignity and have a decent life. Unfortunately, a lot of the Congolese families today suffer and it is our duty as a community to help them by realizing their self-worth through education and cultural development.

Famille Debout is solely supported by contributions from our members and donations from our supporters and private individuals. We receive no financial support from the state, government or the United Nations.

President: Alain Lukanga